Friday, October 4, 2013

Part 3: Summer Vacation

And then right after we took the last pictures in Part Two, I stayed overnight at our cousins, the Arnold's house. All I have to say is we had so much fun that we forgot to take pictures!
I arrived just in time to help feed the horses (One of the highlights of my visit)
 It was all dark outside and the barn lights were glowing and  when you walk through the barn all the horses and their dear little babies whinny and poke their noses out of their stalls to be petted. It was like in a movie! Then we went back inside but the kittens followed us from the barn (and stayed at the house all night.) Aunt Kim said we could stay up as late as we wanted so we took forever to choose the perfect movie. 
We finally decided to watch the BBC "Emma".
We stayed up late, I think...I never looked at the clock, or maybe I did...I just can't remember.
The next day we baked a Chocolate Cake and cookies!  But anyway the next morning I helped feed the horses again and found out that I could stay another night!!! So of course then that left the option of having Marissa come over from Grandma's and stay the night with us as well. We said yes of course! .....SOOoooo then she  joined us and we helped do a photo shoot of two of their horses.  Click here for the link to their web site. (: And then we also watched Bells on Their Toes (it was AWESOME) and then later that night had a bonfire! (= I had SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much fun! Thank you again Aunt Kim, Uncle Craig, and the rest of you awesome Arnold cousins for letting me come over! 
Dree you were the best...Love you. 

 And then we went back to my Grandma's after church the next day. And the day after that we left for home but on our way stopped by the Goff's house (Cousins) for one last farewell.

And then it was time to we bid goodbye with tears in our eyes until next time. (:


Hannah said...

Lovely pictures :) Looks like you had a fun vacation.

Abilaine said...

AWE! how cool! =D