Saturday, September 21, 2013

Part two: Summer Vacation 2013

Faithful big sister Savannah kept hold of Blake's hand the entire time.
L-R Chase, Jessica, Arielle and Savannah
Blake being adorable
Swim buddies
Allison and Jessica having fun

Janelle, Marissa and Blake (who is making a very interesting face)
And then we headed over to the Thompson house for the first time to play "Capture the Flag".... also for the first time!                   (I think it is safe to say we were more then a little nervous)
Mama came along to watch with Blake and Savannah
Lovely lane
Getting ready......
Get set......
GO!!!!! Sadly these are the only pictures we have of us playing Capture the Flag. But I will say that we had so much fun we returned the following day...and the next and the next! And it is also safe to say that the games became faster and more intense as the days progressed and as we all became accustomed to the rules.
Back home Arielle and I enjoyed swinging together on their indoor swing!
We were happy to be able to celebrate Nathan's birthday while there as well!
He dealt with the awkward sitting and staring at everyone singing happy birthday by videoing us.
Bret and James trying to get Lola to attack her reflection on their phone camera's.........Uncle Jim looks doubtful
Playing games
discovering Tom Cat with Papa's voice.....Which was quite hilarious
Blake found a car just his size!
It even had a door that opened!
Arielle and I on the balcony over looking Bear Lake.
One of my favorite pictures
Rock climbing

Arielle and Marissa
Arielle and I
Arielle and I again
Jessica and Arielle
Cole, Lane and Allison building in the Lego Room
Arielle and I.......(She was just the sweetest thing!) I miss her so much.
Arielle and Marissa
L-R Lane, Allison and Cole
On the Dock
Papa, Mama, Allison and Aunt Shelly
Bear Lake
Playing statue in the Reeds awesome LARGE kitchen
Taking a walk with Meagan and her lovely dog Peyton.
Wade getting ready to do a cooking show for us cousins and Meagan
And then it began........Our dear cousins introduced us to the game called Mafia. I must say they are the most advanced and hilarious players I have ever met! Bret painstakingly explained the rules until we all were on the same level and then it began. I was a little nervous at first but then once I got an idea of how the game was to be played I jumped in with gusto! Hahaha We were hooked. We played Mafia EVERY night till midnight until the day vacation was over. By then we were catching on to all the little tricks and quirks of the game and were ready to start playing on the higher levels. I can not WAIT until next time! And I hope that is very soon. Serious games AWAIT!
I believe James was accusing someone here or maybe we were just waiting for Bret to return from thinking through who had thrown the game...idk
Serious debating
Listening to someone's defense
Mama and Jessica, watching the game unfold.
Bidding Meagan farewell....*Sniff* We had such fun while she was with us. 
Another picture of me and my little buddy
A serious game of Monopoly Deal.......(I never quite understood the game) LOL
We also got to visit one of Drew's rental houses! This one was VERY Victorian and would have been just perfect on a farm! We got a full tour!
Papa and Wade laughing at something Papa said
Manistee......IT was LOVELY!
Allison styling James' hair
Marissa hard at work.....
Playing Liars Dice
Allison, James and me

One of my FAVORITE pictures!
Chatting while waiting for everyone to assemble so that we could play Mafia
At the Park
The shore line
ONE OF THE LARGEST LATE NIGHT MAFIA GAMES (with extra guests) so so fun!
And then we went to Pierport Beach!
All smiles
Hitting the water
Our little Trooper

Marissa and Jannelle
Marissa and Savannah
The LOVELY shore line! It was like a was part of a movie!
Mama and Blake
Frolicking along the beach
Gathering shells
All smiles!
Retrieving the Frisbee from the waves
I love Arielle's little face in this picture! Too cute!
Hahaha Savannah's face!
A lovely stranger on the shore
Mama and Aunt Shelley (sisters for those of you who do not know) With Drew in the background playing Frisbee
Digging a canal
I laugh at myself every time I see this picture! I am stiff as a board!
Buried alive!
Ahhhhh it was so lovely!
Heading back to the house
L-R  Me, Jannelle and Marissa

And then all to soon it was over and we had to head back.
A little stowaway
We got to spend a lovely evening at the Nymeyer's house (More cousins) L-R Me, Todd, Andrea, Blake and Deanna
Blake and Todd enjoyed munching on fresh apples together while we cousins and Aunts snapped pictures as fast as we could!
They cheesed away
Allison, Grandma and I
Mama with her Mother....Our grandma..hee hee

And that concludes Part Two. Stay tuned for Part Three
For those of you who might have missed Part One, here is the link to that post.

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