Friday, October 4, 2013

Baseball Game Oct 2 2013

In this photograph Allison and Hanna are in the proses of running bases while Papa is waiting for Chase to throw the ball from wayyyyy out field. Savannah on the other hand is doing...well I really don't know!

Notice that the bat is no longer in Papa's hand as he finishes his swing?......well the bat sadly to say went further into the field than the ball. Hahahahah
Running back to second base...
Just in time!!!!
Home run Papa!!!!!! ( I apologize for the little child in no more then a diaper...he was running around like a wild little Indian and were taken before I could get him back into his trousers. )

The End


Isabella said...

How fun! Hehee, yeah our babies run around in diapers too, I guess it's just a big family thing :)


Abilaine said...

HAHA! I luv the pics of you Emelie! :)
LOL! laughed at the pic with little Blake at the end.