About Me

Welcome! I am very glad you stopped by! I am a true country girl who loves anything having to do with 1930 and 1940 stuff.... anything VINTAGE!
I love music and playing the piano. I love horses... in fact I own one named Santana Sunset!
I am a huge fan of cereal, and am the oldest of 6 girls and 2 boys ranging age from 15... to 2 months!
I really enjoy building things outside in our woods with my siblings!
One of my most favorite movies would have to be the 1995 Pride and Prejudice! And Flicka!
I have been recently working on mastering the art of homemaking! Its a true chore but
a helpful and prosperous one! And I love sewing! And riding around on our horses or our aunts 4-wheeler!  Alright I think that pretty much sums it all up! Enjoy reading
and laughing at our many adventures! Have a wonderful day!

I have several blogs...but I only update 4 of them. Horse Crazy Girl is my personnel blog. And Blake Hunter is a blog I am doing about my little brother. Then For Memories Sake is a  (cute picture) blog I do in my spare time. And then  MeadowBrook Farm is about our move to our new house. Enjoy!

 Feel free to look around, I love meeting new people and new friends so if you would like to get to know me just comment below and I will come find your blog and say hey! I LOVE making new friends! ......  I love muddy dirty country girl stuff such as 
Mudding and such.


Brooklyn Mae said...

Hi, My name is Brooklyn! i like your blog. :) Please check mine out beebrookenized.blogspot.com. By the way I like horses too!

Poem Girl said...

Good Blog you're so creative and you clearly love sports and outdooring :)
I'm more of an indoor girl myself but I love a good hike in the mountains and adore lakeside canoeing.
Your Friend
Poem Girl

Kalin said...

I'm a horseback riding vintage blogger as well! :) I'm the proud as can be owner of a Quarter horse named Cash's Steppin' Up -AKA Red-and my mom owns an App named Spirit and we have a "family' horse named Cowboy, who is 28 inches tall! Haha!
Www.Modestyismypolicy.blogspot.com (Fashion/vintage/southern lifestyle blog!)
Www.Sittinginthesaddle.blogspot.com (Horse blog!)