Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Canyon and Me

Got to hold this bundle of chub and cuteness last night! Loved this little guy to death! Ahhhhhhh And those eyes!

Look at those legs!

News Clips for Today

We just finished up chocolate making season! 
We had a wonderful time at Liddy's birthday party last night! 
(I got a taste for babysitting) 
I got a new Jean jacket! I LOVE It! 
I started a......oh wait its supposed to be a surprise! 
(Hee hee)
I found that I like to listen to music that describes my mood at that moment! 
Our yard has gone wild so mowing and trimming is on the horizon this week. 
Chip and Rocky (our calves)  are getting big and rough/strong! 
(Ha ha ha ha)
I can not wait until I'm married and can have my own little chubby thighed kids! Ahhhh the day!
We went to the Theater this weekend! FUN.......but outrageous when you take 8 kids!
Whole Wheat bread, Peanut butter, slices of Banana and Raisins are heavenly! 
I am really getting into fashion trends and Heels.......I know...SCARY! 
We had to start using the air conditioning it got so hot outside!
My hair was recently layered and my hair must hate me because it wont look right no matter what!
): LOL
I had no idea that Justin Beiber helped Spotify get started! A little scary! 
I like Happy songs.......because it's SUMMER, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I changed my mind......My favorite season is NOT winter...its too dark and there's hardly any snow here when it is cold! 
I LOVE Emily Myers' blog The Freckled Fox She has my dream hair! 

Alright that's news enough.....I have to go eat breakfast!

Emelie Claire

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