Sunday, May 5, 2013

An outing to Huntsville.........(:

The Mall
Hanna in Old Navy.....Papa bought her the hat for her 11th birthday.  Just before I took this picture.
Blake already worn out.
Lovely store......a new favorite of mine!
We also frequent Chocolate Crocodile every time we are in the area.....and so we all got their yummy caramel/nut and chocolate apples.
Hanging out and munching on Caramel apples.
Marissa finishing the last of the apple
Some Shops
 We all could not help but notice the size of this guy's
Some of the younger ones splashing in the water......(and trying to snatch a few pennies out as well) Papa soon put a stop to that. LOL
Allison and I munching on our Caramel apples!
Beautiful Cousin Heather
Jessica on our way to Panera Bread
Drooling over the display of sweets. LOL
Papa got Mama her favorite Mocha....but she shared it with everyone....and we kind of took full advantage! LOL
Marissa enjoying a few sips of Mama's mocha
Cute Hanna
My FAVORITE meal of all time at Panera........
Marissa being cute...
Cousin Heather
Enjoying the lovely outdoor weather
Jessica and Savannah
Heading out
Playing on the bike racks
Trying to squeeze into the back of the van. LOL

The End. 


               Emelie Claire


*Lizzie* said...

Looks like you had a fun time! (: thanks for sharing!

Evangela Grace said...

Oh! I love Bridge Street! (That is the name of it, right?) We used to go down there often because of the Apple Store...but now that our year warranty is up for our iMac we hardly ever go over there. Ooohh! I love Panera Bread! The last time we were over there they were working on the one in the Bridge Street it open yet? Looks like y'all had a blast! Love the pics!

Raquel said...

Hey there!
Thanks for your comment on my blog:)
I'm going to be starting my Everyday Blessings posts with a linkup at the bottom, so others can join in on them. So next week when I post one, feel free to join in:)

Thanks for being a reader!

Emelie Claire said...

Yes Evangela It is the one at Bridge Street! Its really nice!