Thursday, April 24, 2014

Goodbye and Hello!

I really feel bad about taking SO long to make this announcement but it is finally happening and I am having mixed emotions about this whole thing. After all I have been posting on this account for 6 years! (I am VERY sentimental) So first of all I would like to say how awed I am to have earned enough of your admiration to be worthy enough of having 53 of you as my personal followers! That is HUGE! How I could post things SO interesting that you guys all wanted to follow me amazes me! I just can't believe it! It's overwhelming as well as inspirational to write for a purpose! ! So in light of that I would like to give all of you a HUGE HUGE thank you!  You guys really inspire me to write more and more!  And so now I come to the topic of this post. I have been having some serious issues with this blogger account, my pictures will not show up and as you all know that takes away the main reason for posting on here! Sooooo I decided to close this blog for good and start over.....(It's not exactly what you think) By starting over I mean I am simply switching over to my new account but the new blog itself is actually under the name of my original blogger name "Horse Crazy Girl". My  original blog but with a fresh coat of paint so to speak. Hahah, I must say that I have missed writing under the name "Horse Crazy Girl". And I am VERY VERY excited about starting new! I have already posted a few posts on my new blog and have gotten several inspiring comments on it already! So with great excitement...I unveil:

P.S I also just got a new camera so all my pictures from now on will be hopefully much better quality! (And unless I specify otherwise all pictures are by me!) 

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