Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Eve's Eve 2013



Christmas Wonders and Fun

This week we were blessed with three big boxes: Oranges, Apples and Sweet Potatoes! A lovely surprise seeing as we go through fruit quite  

I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. 
I have no idea how I managed to do that! 

Celebrated my 17th Birthday on Friday! My Birthday was really on Sunday but we didn't have time.

(I have some super awesome friends and Family)
How some of them remember to call my on my birthday every year amazes me! I LOVE IT! 

My mom Got my this ADORABLE maxi skirt for my Birthday and I'll definitely show you guys a pic soon! 

I have been reading holiday mystery novels none stop! (x

Watched "Frozen"! 
(Sweet sweet movie)

I've been exchanging letters with the sweetest little girl Ellie each Sunday at church. She is an amazing artist! And she is just darling! I gave her some paper dolls this Sunday and she would NOT put them down the rest of the morning! (:

 Been staying up until 11:00 and 12:00 PM listening to Christmas music on the radio and reading...or watching a Christmas movie! 

Praise the Lord for awesome aunts who get you cozy snowflake PJ pants for your birthday! 

Does anyone else out there have a crazy obsession with those holiday popcorn tins they sell each year? I always eat wayyyy to much of the caramel flavor....Haha! 

Ohhh, and we have received so many lovely Christmas Cards this year! So nice to see so many familiar faces again! 

We had a lovely Christmas service yesterday. Simply wonderful! 

Cuddling with my baby brother on the couch with his favorite blanket and teddy bear. 

Making supper in the cozy kitchen while the Christmas music flouts around the house bringing the urge to do a Christmas jig to anyone 


Ok enough with those little tidbits of information 

Now for Christmas/Holiday Faves! 

Favorite Christmas movies this year would have to be.... 

I have to say they definitely win first prize this year! 

As I mentioned above.......I  LOVE this popcorn!

My favorite Christmas songs at the "moment" are....hahahh

Christmas In Heaven - Scotty McCreery
The Angel Song- Jaci Velasquez
All I want for Christmas is you- Michael Buble

(Smiley Face!!!)

I apologize if I kind of went all over the place on this post but I had so much I wanted to remember and write down I just wrote it all in a hurry! 

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