Friday, September 20, 2013

Part One: Summer Vacation 2013

Aug 9 2013 

 Found out we were leaving the next day for vacation instead of Monday! ....Thankfully we had already packed most everything throughout the week. Pretty hectic but very fun too! The constant thought running through my mind at the time was..."I know I'm forgetting something important!"  Gave our wonderful neighbor,  Mr. Minor, last minute animal care instructions. Tried to use up the last two  and a half gallons of milk before the next day.....(We drink fresh milk from a local farmer so it can't last a week and a half.)

Aug 10 2013

Woke up at  6:00 AM.....staggered around half awake. Packed all last minute necessities and hopefully left nothing important.  Got all my luggage safely in the family car.

Worn out already...hee hee
Getting excited!
Jessica modeling my new hat.
Lunch stop!
L-R Savannah, Blake and Marissa
Ordering our sandwiches
More driving!
White Giants!
Lovely corn fields and more white giants!
Allison and Blake
We're home! ......(Its a long story regarding that fork/knife sign.) Ha ha
August 11 2013

After church we went by our favorite 
doughnut shop and picked up a dozen doughnuts for a snack.
While there Mama and Papa ran into some old friends and had a wonderful time chatting.
And then we went to our cousins, the Goffs house! Pictured here is Kyle, Savannah and Me

BFF: Allison and Abby
If this were my cat I would have named it toothless....(It kinda look like the Toothless from How to train your Dragon) Needless to say Marissa was horrified that I would THINK of naming him Toothless. I didn't care.
Hanging out....
Savannah, Blake and Kyle
Allison caught a snake!
Identifying  it

Hot Dog and S'mores time!

Preparing his supper all by himself
Master of the campfire

Zack and Me
Playing "Running Bases"
August 12 2012

Allison, Hanna and Grandma caring for Grandma's flowers.
The courtyard
Enjoying breakfast in the early morning sunshine
Picking apples
Jessica got three peaches!
Blake and Savannah
Her three peaches for the trip up to Michigan
Heading back to the house.
And then we left for Michigan
Cool little beach car on the road
Getting closer!
A huge ship which we later watched go under a draw bridge!
And then we arrived! The younger ones immediately  wanted to go swimming in lake Michigan with their cousins.
Go Arielle!

Allison and Chase
Arielle and Jessica
Savannah playing on the shore
beach buddies.

And that concludes Part one of Summer Vacation. Stay tuned for more pictures, cousins! I know you have all waited for EVER for these pictures!


Abilaine said...

AWESOME! Loved the pictures! I was wondering what all you guys did. LOL!


Isabella said...

Ok first off I really need to say that I LOVE this post! I love all the pictures (I am a picture-on-posts lover!) I love the captions and I love the whole post! Oh did I mention that I like this post? :D Wow you traveled really far! We used to have to travel when we were missionaries, to raise support, I remember traveling, wow it was quite an adventure especially with either to nine kids through all those years! I bet you know what I mean, being a big family too! :)