Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Count down to First Day of Fall

 In case you have forgotten I must remind you that Autumn is only four days away! 
I can hardly contain my excitement! Make way for Hot Chocolate and Pumpkin pies!
I can't tell you how nice it is to wake up to a cool morning mist covering the tree tops around our wood and a cool breeze blowing through the house as I eat my toast and eggs for breakfast. Ahhh it is a lovely time of year. Ok, I'm done for some recent images taken in the last few weeks. 

Tea Parties! Sadly they had already gobbled up all the Mini Pumpkin muffins with whip cream frosting before I got there. hahaha there are no dainties on the plates in this  picture.
Then of course yesterday was a BIG day! I introduced  Savannah to the new Arby's Salted Caramel Shake! She loved it and we contentedly sipped away as we drove through town on errands. Sadly Mama does not share in our pleasure and prefers chocolate milkshakes! Which are not bad!
Then last Saturday was the second Bama game of the season!  (We won) Yes that is me making a horrified face while Grandma looks aghast! In case any of you missed it it was a REALLY close game!
And then Yesterday I made crowns out of vines and wild flowers from the meadow. They turned out quite nicely!
Getting ready....
Jessica kept reaching around and accidentally bumping my crown down on the forehead.
Favorite shot of them all. Though the edit turned our skin a weird color,
And my second favorite.......simply random.
Remember everyone! ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!

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Abilaine said...

You all are so beautiful!! Loved the picture with you, Alison and Jessica! You guys are so sweet together.

YAY! FALL! I am ready to wear scarves already! =D I love scarves, and sweaters, and coffee, and cocoa, and good books that I can read when it is perfect weather out of doors. hehe!
Sorry! =D