Tuesday, September 17, 2013

And the updates begin!!!

I have realized recently that during the warm summer months I tend to not post very much.....maybe it's the fact that I am too busy on school, Summer vacations and such. Anyway I am happy to announce that I will definitely be posting very soon seeing as the first day of fall Is JUST around the corner! Among the promised posts will be a two part post about our summer vacation to Indiana, Michigan and Illinois including PLENTY of pictures! If I remember correctly there are around 300 photos.....but I'm not sure. Lol others posts will include fall photo shoots, favorite indoor games, outdoor huts and villages built by yours truly and others in the Ballenger family. Sewing projects favorite books, movies and more! Fall is such a fun time to curl up and finish or begin fun projects while sipping on hot chocolate or apple cider (which ever you have on hand) (: I am also REALLY looking forward to all the fall boots,scarves,sweaters and wool socks that are so important this time of year....at least for me it is. Ha ha
Ohhh!! And let's not forget the apple and punkin  picking! Mmmm or the pies and muffins! I am VERY excited about fall!

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Poem Girl said...

I know right! Everything is so fresh and cool, scents fill the air and you get this feeling of complete happiness.

Oh, yes the pies, Ani actually just made an apple pie from the apples in our backyard, I've been waiting for this since she made the mulberry pie in the Summer!

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