Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Girls Tea Party!

About a week ago we attended a Girls Tea Party put on by several friends of ours in their church building (hence the pews and pulpit in the background of some pictures) It was a lot of fun! Thankfully Mama snapped a few pictures and so did I so...put together we ended up with enough pictures for a blog post! Yahhh!
Grace and I doing nails

Grace and Sarah doing nails in the background and Hanna close up with Allison behind her.
Hanna and Allison
Marissa dressing up MaryBeth. (The idea was to put as many necklaces and bracelets on as possible! )
Tasty snacks!
The group......Grace is the only one who noticed me taking a picture. :P
Allison did her own eye shadow (obviously)
And then Sarah and Abby dressed Sarah up like a little old lady! Ha ha ha But someone added a beard as well.....
(not sure what that was about?)

Jessica and Grace......Ha ha ha ha
Savannah all dressed up. (:
The moms talking....(Marissa and I joked that it looked like we were at a wedding with these two little cuties dressed up in their white garb and flowers to match)
Hanna and I
Hanna, MaryBeth (They're best friends) and Maddie
Sarah and Marissa the Make Up Artists trying to keep everything under control!  (:

Grace as a little old lady.....LOL
Allison applying lip-gloss.
And Marissa and Sarah again with their flowers they won. (:

Have a great day!

  Emelie Claire

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Storyteller said...

haha looks like a fun day!! :)