Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Well this week has certainly been VERY busy! (In a good way) (: 
We babysat some awesome kids and ladies (Abigail is more of a lady then a child) Love you Abigail! 
And then I did some major hairstyling.....as you can see below. (:  And then I finally got around to editing the pictures of Blake when we were moving and all the way up to today. He is SO cute! Here is the link to his little blog I am doing for him until he is old enough to post on his own. (:
And then I added some pictures of Mama's project (She is VERY proud of the results) And I must say it looks Smashing! (:  And then there is a picture of a funny looking toy that has hung in there through thick and thin...so I thought he was picture worthy. Ha ha ha ha. Then there are some pictures of us waiting for Mama to get out of the store so we had a wrapper war. Here are the rules, You scramble to find any old gum wrappers or candy wrappers roll them up and throw them at an unsuspecting victim....and then everyone joins in and it turns into a war! It's a lot of fun! Then there are some pictures of my adorable little sister Savannah who recently had a birthday on Sep 17. She turned 3 years old! (: Is she a doll or what? Then I put some pictures of us jumping on the trampoline...and then of us babysitting Beada aka Rebecca. (; I hope you all have had a wonderful day and have many more to come .......and Happy up and coming weekend!!!!!!!!

P.S Maverick almost caught the raccoon today!

This week's hair styles
Allison with her hair curled.
From the side
A cute braid I did the other day
A Snake braid I did.......Pretty cool hu??????
Blake loved playing in the car......when it was in park.
He loved sampling the rubber on the steering wheel too.
Hey cutie.
Playing with his toys.......well some of them are real tools but.......
Chewing on a wooden tree
Got it!!!!!!!!

Mama refinished one of the extra dressers we have and it looks amazing!  (this is the BEFORE picture)
And after.........She did it ALL by herself!
This poor guy lost his hat in a fight to the death with our dog......We call him Goose Bump Bandit.
Craziness in our van while we wait for mama to get out of the store.........some of these children are from the Day family. We were picking them up to go to our house for an evening of AWESOMENESS!
Lilly is dying.....LOL
We were having a wrapper war at the time these pictures were taken.
Savannah by one of our Oak Trees.
Smile Vannah
The tree is THIS big!
Trampoline fun!!!!!!!!!
Marissa with Baby Doll aka Beeda (her other nickname) or Rebecca.
This was so cute....... (;
This sweet little thing's name is Rebecca, But her family and friends affectionately call her Beada......But we also have taken to calling her the Little Doll. Simply because she looks, acts and feels like a sweet, light little doll! We love baby sitting her.
Rebecca and Savannah The Little Cuties playing in the yard.

Card Making

Yes.......its the season! Sweet Potato Pie!!!!!!!

And that will be all for now! I thought I was all done posting for a few days....but went and ruined the plan by going and taking a bunch of cute pictures today. SOooooooo I have another long post coming up! Ha ha ha

But for now good bye, have a great day, and enjoy every living, breathing moment.

P.S   I posted some really cute videos and pictures on Blake's blog!



Abilaine said...

I love you, too, Emelie! LOL!
I had a great time and it is so cool not to have to drive a long while to see you guys. ;)

LOVE the "goose bump bandit".

Hiho Silver Awaaaaaaay! LOL!

Is that how you spell 'hiho"? Never mind...

Alexandrea Brewer said...

Hey Emelie!
Could you enter my photo challenge?
The theme is "your best shot"

Emelie Claire said...

How do I enter?

Emily said...

Wow! Love the snake braid! I love braiding my sister's hair. It's so long and wavy. It takes me forever to braid my hair and like it;) yall have a sweet family. I sometimes wish that I had more brother's and sisters. But I'm blessed with 1 bro and 1 sis.