Monday, December 9, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Autumn truly flew by this year didn't it! WEll, I'm not going to try typing a big long "Catch up" post because my sister Marissa has kept you posted on almost everything going on around here's just not worth it considering all the presents I have to wrap and the little puppies I have to take care of and.....Oh wait! You didn't hear about that yet did you! Well, maybe I should do a quick update.

1. I got my braces off.

2. We could have a new Brother/Sister very, very soon.

3. Our Dog Maverick eloped  with our neighbor's dog without our knowledge :/   Sooooo now we have brand new puppies to take care of while our neighbor is out of town. (Which in my opinion is lots of fun) In case any of you are wondering what they might look like, they are 50% German Shepherd and 50% English Setter

What  these puppies will grow up to look like? Your guess is as good as mine! So far they are black with brown paws and bottoms. LOL

Kailen (Shame written all over her face) 

4. We put up our Christmas tree and decorations! 

5.  The General,  our new Guernsey Bull Calf is growing like a weed! And since Marissa is the only one that normally feeds him he thinks she is his mom. He will follow her to the ends of the earth! Hahah

6. Marissa's Birthday is this Saturday (She will be 14 )  and mine is two weeks! 

And thats all for now folks! 

Merry Christmas! 


P.S ...OH and Blake turned two on November 30th! 

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Isabella said...

Puppies!?!?!?! AWESOME!!!!! Hehee, well you guys got a rebellious dog! :D Our dog about did that, but unfortunately we moved before she could, and we didn't even know until the day we left! :)