Friday, March 15, 2013

Indiana March 2013

Last week we went to Indiana for my grandpa's funeral.
Here is a terrific video tribute to his long and wonderful life....

I always love going to Indiana.  Here are some highlights of our trip.
I did not take this picture...but it's perfect.

We were LOVING the snow!!!!!!
It was so beautiful!

The view from our hotel window........the snow was so thick..and deep..and glittery!

Blake loved the view too!

Chase and Savannah were exhausted!......We all were!

Charging their phones.

Savannah was just sitting in the window looking at all the snow...I quickly snapped a picture!
Our room........(:

By the time this picture was taken our cousins had arrived at the hotel..and had come over to hang out.....Hanna was pretty happy.....she smiled a REAL smile for the camera!

Then Mama took a lot of the cousins to the pool for a swim.

They had a blast!

Later we all were hanging out  in the lobby.....Chase is so cute!

Then later we were all reunited with our cousins! Allison and her cousin Abby ( They are BFF!)

Me and Andrea *Cousins* And let me just say I love her to death!!!!!!!!!!! And is her hair amazing or what????

Me, Andrea and Anna *A childhood friend!!!!!*

Me and Dree.......aka Adrianna. *Cousins*


Then later we went to Grandma's house.....I had to take a picture of all the cousins' cars all parked in the driveway just like old times! *Sigh*  Brings back a lot of memories!
Little cousins playing in the den.

Marissa and Papa heading out to Grandma and Grandpa's barn to play Frisbee Golf.
James, Grandma, Levi, Dustin, Hanna, and Courtney. (Dustin is a friend)
Cousins hanging out.  (Allison Ballenger and Jacob Reed)
More cousins chatting and hanging out
Alexandra Arnold, Abby Goff, Audrey Nymeyer, Wade Reed....and Bret on the lower right)

Allison borrowed Dree's Glasses.....LOL

(Allison Ballenger, Zach Goff, Dree Arnold, Brookie Goff, Audrey Nymeyer, Bret Reed, Abby Goff....on Nikki Arnold's lap)

The younger cousins in playing in the den.
L to R...Grant Hoffman, Bradley Nymeyer, Abby Reed, Chase Ballenger, Meliah Hoffman, Tyler Reed)

Aunt April, Aunt Crissie, Grandma, and Aunt Shelley....and a little Lily down below.

Savannah and Cousin Jacob (Southern Reed). They are just too cute!!!!!!!!!

Aunt April and Mama.

All together again. (:

Dree entertaining us with her amazing piano playing talent!
Aunt April, Nathan, Mama, Aunt Heather, and Papa.....and only a part of Seth. ( A friend of the Reeds)
Then it was time to leave the first hotel and head to our cousins' house.

The snow was just so amazing!

*Sigh* You can see for miles and miles! And look at all the snow!

Ice Cream treat!
Playing with the trains

Zack and Chase playing with the Lego's.........they are also Best Buds!

Marissa headed upstairs and quickly arranged  a school of proper etiquette for princesses.
They had a blast!

Learning the steps to a waltz..that only Marissa knows of!

All the Princesses awaiting instruction.......I love the classic Allison and Abby looks!
L to R:  Brookie Goff, Allison Ballenger, Abby Goff

Look at all the snow! know.....just hanging out on top of the climbing wall!
Cousins, Aunts and Uncles and Friends ( The man in the glasses) playing

Uncle Sam, Aunt April, Mama, James, Nathan, and Mr Frost playing Mennonite Dice.

Hanging out on the climbing wall...... see all the coloring pages taped to the wall? Well that was Allison and Abby's Idea.......Everyone colored a few pages for them....and they taped them up to decorate their secret space!
A true picture into how we spent most of our time......Me playing the piano, Marissa watching the Boys play  a game.....and Uncle Sam joining in on all the a way only Uncle Sam can! 
P.S Right before we left he surprised us with our very own pack of our favorite game Slamwich!!!!
After all he was the one who introduced us to and taught us the game!  (:

Wade juggling

And then all to soon it was all over.........and we were all heading home.
Cool Sunset.
Eating at the Longhorn Steak House before we head to the hotel.
Finally home....well maybe not exactly.....but after staying in a Hampton hotel for 3-4 days it starts feeling like home! They have such comfortable rooms! And their FREE Breakfasts are so good!!!!!!!!
We stay here every time we go on vacation! The receptionist knows us personally now, and always comments on how much we've grown!

Blake enjoying listening to the dial tone.

I will post another video of Marissa, James and Allison playing Slam-which later. For some reason it will not let me upload it right now.

And for those of you who have never heard of the game as we had not until a few years ago.....just click on the picture:


The End


*Lizzie* said...

Looks like a lot of fun with bunches of cousins and aunts and uncles! I love getting together with family. <3 So much fun!

I HAVE played Slamwich! It is such a funnnnn game! I haven't played it in forever though :/
Well, glad you had a fun trip! Thanks for sharing! :)

P.S. I loveee your owl necklace you were wearing in some of the pictures (with your red shirt). I loveee owls! :)

Emelie Claire said...!!!!!! I love owls! Yet another thing we have in common!!!!!

Anna McDonnell said...

Loved seeing you again, although I am sorry about the event that brought us together.