Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hello March!

 Which means shopping.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(And for other reasons I will reveal soon)

Tonight I went on a shopping trip with my Mom, Marissa, Hanna and Baby Blake! We had a blast!
I got some pumps!

They look kinda fuzzy...and weird but trust me! Their perfect!


And to top it all off....I had a perfect hair day! <3>
What I thought I looked like.......
What I really looked like! 

I felt like doing this to the mirror all day! 

I felt like I was in my paradise......but then who isn't when shopping for clothes and shoes?

Then it started snowing!

It was perfection!

I felt perfectly beautiful today! I really did!!!!!!!!

And I was with my sister so...that made it go tens times better!
I love you Marissa!!!!!!!!

Yours truly

Emelie Claire


*Lizzie* said...

Glad to hear you had a fun day. But just so ya know, you have beautiful hair ANY day, not just this day :) no matter how you feel about yourself, God made you beautiful. God made you with noooo mistake, even on the "bad hair days", you are beautiful :)

Emelie Claire said...

I agree.....but have you seen a picture of my hair when I wake up? Hee hee

*Lizzie* said...

haha doesn't everyone's hair look hilarious when we wake up? lol
I can't imagine one of the famous models waking up with beautiful hair either ;)
Don't let any lie bring you down about your appearance. For you ARE beautiful. And I mean it too. I'm not just saying it to just say it. I say it cuz I MEAN it! :)

Beka said...

I love shopping too! Love those shoes and your hair! :)


Emily said...

You're very beautiful:D
Cute shoes by the way!