Sunday, February 3, 2013

Update 101...LOL

So I'm finally posting a personal  blog post instead of just pictures! Ha!

 Last night My Dad and Mom went to town and got the paint so that we can finally start painting the interior of our house! Yahhhhh!!!!!!

So that is scheduled for next week! Painting!!!! Any volunteers? That's ok....I enjoy painting so you're missing out! hee hee 

Ok let's see.... other then that we have two little kids sick with the respiratory flu. One is almost recovered the other is still pretty sick and fussy.  So they stayed at home with mama and watched a movie.

And then this evening is the Super Bowl!!!! Yahhhhh go Ravens!

And so as you can probably guess I will be hopefully taking pictures of everything so I can post them for you guys!
We watched the 1995 Pride and Prejudice last night and I forgot how good it was!!!!
Now I want to watch the Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea! (: 

And now for kinda recent pictures!

Allison and Jessica in the snow

Homemade granola bars!

A trip down memory lane

Chase just last has he grown up!

Emelie Claire


Abilaine said...

So sorry that Jessica, and Blake, and your mom could not come to church.

We could not at get any snow pictures! ARRRH! Need to get a camera.

We just finished the whole thing!!!!!!!!! LOL! I always forget that happy feeling you get at the end of Pride and Prejudice ... nothin' like it. :)
Question: Do your siblings make fun of everyone including Mr. Darcy?! Josiah and Noah say the stupidest things.

Just wondering ... all right ranting.

Hannah said...

Oh we were painting over the weekend too, I can't wait until our whole house is done!

Lydia said...

Mm, love homemade granola bars.