Tuesday, February 19, 2013


As some of you know I enjoy redesigning my blog more often then necessary! And I made myself a promise not to change the design of my blog for several months! I have kept that promise until now. And I would like to know what my readers think.....Do you like my blog design? Do you like my header or did you like a previous  one better? Are my blog posts cramped together too tight? Does it flow correctly? Please give me your input in the comment box below! I am considering redesigning but if enough of you think not...then I might not. (: If you have design ideas..PLEASE tell me! I love new ideas! 
And on a side note would you please check out all my others blogs and tell me which you think is best designed?






Yours Truly 

   Emelie Claire


Emma-lee said...

I really like your blog design the way it is, but trust me, I know what it's like to want to change it all the time :) One thing I would probably change is the "about me" thing on the side of the page. It's just that it's really long, and it seems to be kind of squished in on the sidebar. Maybe making a seperate "About Me" page would be better? But, other than that, everything looks great! and super cute :)

xo Emma-lee

Emelie Claire said...

Thank you SO much Emma-lee!!!!!!

I'll try that!