Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Little letters Link-up

And today's post is a linkup with The Freckled Fox called Little Letters.

Dear  Weather, Could you persuade winter to leave and let spring move in?  Thank you!
Dear Chocolate, Thank you for making my life easier! 
Dear Computer, What did I say that hurt you?  Your not communicating my thought properly! Please cooperate! LOL
Dear Henry, (One of our barn cats) Please come back!  We miss you!  It's cold outside and we want you safe at home again!
Dear Hair, Even though you gave a me a horrible time today I forgive you!  After all you are one of my best friends!
Dear Lizzy, Thank you so  much for all the wonderful comments you leave on my blog!  It makes my day! (:
Dear Fireplace, Thank you so much for keeping us extra warm today!  I love the sound of you crackling!  You make me feel at home.(:
Dear School, what have I ever done to you?  Please try to be nice!
Dear God, You have blessed me more than I can ever ever believe!  Thank you so much!
Dear Headphones, could you try to work right for just one day?  If you can't get it together...your fired! ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
Dear Little Letters, I am very addicted!  And I'm definitely doing this more often!

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