Saturday, January 19, 2013

Its 12:08 PM

So what do you do when you realize its 12:08 PM and your still up on the computer and everything's dark and everyone else is asleep?
Blog about a few of my favorite weekend favorites of course! 

Ohhhh yahhhhhhhh

My room looks JUST like this only worse every single weekend!

Love with all your heart

Bff...This was so cute

Mmmmmm coffee

doodling in your spare time......I have a lot of that on the weekends

ahhhhhhh Yes.

I NEEDED this. I'm afraid of a lot of stupid stuff. I just have to pray and work all the harder to over come it.

Then of course when I saw Grape Fruit...(ONE OF MY FAVORITE FRUITS) It reminded me of

but then I find stuff like this and I'm like......
Ahhhh I love winter

I am slowly but surely learning this! 

Yours truly 

 Emelie Claire 


*Lizzie* said...

Those nights when I can't sleep I never know what to do! I love like all these things :)
Email meeeeee! ;)

*Lizzie* said...

P.S. LOVEEE your new backround!!!

Emelie Claire said... s a template.

Here is the the link were I got it.