Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weekend Favorites

Mmmmmm so relaxing!
Long hair, big sweater....I LOVE IT!!!!!!
Cute winter fashion
OMW.....I must be dreaming!
I love her hair, I love her earrings, I love her sweater...I love this picture!
This is SOOOOO NEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Day!!!!!!!!!! 

Yours Truly 

 Emelie Claire


Storyteller said...

Luv this. <3

Anna McDonnell said...

Love the camera idea, where did you find it?
Can you believe it's only 11 days until Christmas? :)

Emelie Claire said...

I found the camera idea on facebook...someone had posted it.

And no I can NOT believe its only 11 days until Christmas!!!!!

*Lizzie* said...

WHOA! I loveee that idea for the camera! I wanna try it now ;)