Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello December!

12/ 1 /2012

I can not believe it's already December one! Can it be real? Am I dreaming? 
I haven't gotten one Christmas present wrapped yet! I suppose I should kick it into high gear!  
 I'm going to do a 'What I'm thankful for in December' Post! I got the idea from this lovely blog

I am so excited! My birthday is in December! I know it seems crazy to have your birthday the same month as Christmas but I love it!!!!!!! My mom has even said that I can celebrate my birthday in the summer....but I couldn't do it!  I have always loved having my birthday in December! (: 

Enough with the random! Onto the post! 

Red Coats!
I love this hat!
But I DO NOT like this hat.......poor girl looks sick!
Dew Tree..."How Too" here

Candy Canes!!!!!!

Snow looks so magical!
I love any jewelry that is owl related and this is just too cute!
Where do you find hoodies like this?
Ha ha too funny!
One of those awesome things you look forward to all year!
I can't wait until my hair is long like this!

And that will be all for now............. but just one more thing

I forgot to post a funny picture! 

This made my day!!!!!! ha ha ha

Yours truly

           Emelie Claire

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