Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday post........its becoming a habit!!!!

Ok,  I think I will make a it a tradition...I will post every Monday! LOL I have been already! Why not make it an every Monday kinda thing? LOL Ya can you guess I'm kinda in the mood for Happy posts???? Can I get a smile anyone??????? Here are some beautiful girls smiling.....(:

I know.......

BFF's make you smile the best!!!!!!!!

And now for some more fav pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I want snow???? A lot!!!!!!!!! Yep..its true! I'm am a true northerner! I miss that snow!!! 
Ok so I think that will have to do until next time.......(: Thank you so much for following me! Love you guys! and I changed my Instagram name to Emelie just thought I should tell ya. (:

And this is dedicated to my BFF...this is so us!


Storyteller said...

I always love your pictures. =D I think if I ever got in Pinterest I'd never be heard from again...... =P

Michayla said...

Oh my, I love the last one. That is so us. I love you so much! <3 And I love your blog! And you and ahh, i miss youuu! <333

Mary Kate said...

Great post! I love snow too, honesty can't wait until we get our first snowfall this year. We're supposed to be getting an extra "snowy" winter which makes me happy!