Thursday, October 25, 2012


Yahhhhh, Wow I'm finally getting to post an update! I'm so glad!!!!!
Thanks to all the work I have been doing I have not been able to do ANY posting! But I am now!
Ok so I was tagged in my sister's post the other day and so will do it below...then I will post some pictures of us  years ago! It's amazing how much people can change in 2 years! Wow!!!!

You have to post 11 things about yourself,
You have to answer the questions I'll be giving you here
You have to try to nominate 5 people,
And lastly, You have to make up  questions for the people you nominate to answer, and you can't pick me!

Ok, 11 things about myself! Well lets see,
1. I love love love cereal!  
2. I like to ride 4-wheelers A LOT!
3. I am cleaning up our barn so that we can have our horses here on our property! 
4. I am learning German
5. I really really love to imagine funny stories. 
6. I am writing a Christmas mystery for my family and when I finish it I will post in on the blog I created for it!
I am still working on it! 
7. I love watching Cowgirls and Angels 
8. I want a big white 4x4 truck!
10. I LOVE making new friends! Totally!!!!!!
11. Music is a BIG time inspiration for me! 

Ok I think that is pretty good! Ok lets see what's next? 

Your questions you must answer:

1.  Do you LOVE Ice cream? Of course! what kind of a question is that?
2.  Are you a farm girl, city girl, or in between? Country Girl!
3.  What's your favorite color,? Hot pink!
4.  Would you wear a cute dress and autumn boots or a cute blouse and skirt with flats? A Dress and Autumn boots!
5. Have you ever written a story? I have but they were not any good.
6. What is your dream vehicle? A big white 4x4 Truck!!!!!!
7. How many siblings do you have? Seven!
8. If you were in a canyon and there was an avalanche and 3 gun slingers with guns pointed at you were at the only exit out of the canyon and all you had was your childhood favorite rag doll what would you do?
 Ummmmm, Ok? Lets see I would I would suddenly gasp and say "look at the grouse" Then grab the little fire cracker I had stuffed inside my doll and light it with the last match left in my pocket...then I would throw it right at the leader's feet and when it went off yell "you're surrounded"!  and take off running while they ran around trying to find a hiding place! Hee hee
9. What state do you live in? Alabama
10. Have you ever zip-lined, ever? no....I would like to try it though!
11. Do you love my blog? Ummmm, yes I love my sister's blog!

Ha ha ha that was SO fun! Thanks Marissa! 

And now I have to tag a few
And here are some questions for you! 

Would you ride a wild horse?
Do you like lipstick or lip gloss better?
Heels or flats?
Would you rather fold laundry or wash dishes?
Iphone or Blackberry.....or Droid?
If you were in a bank and suddenly 5 robbers rushed in and said told you they had the bank surrounded and that if you knew what was good for you to  give them your money and your phones.....and all you had in your hand was a ink pen and a folder what would you do? (:
Truck or car?
If you had a choice  between watching a Christmas romance or a comedy. What would you watch? 

And now for some old pictures!

Marissa three years old
Me on our indoor swing in Indiana
Marissa and Baby Hanna

Emelie Claire

P.S I will post more pictures soon!

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