Friday, October 5, 2012


This is so awesome! Just coffee and paint......I am doing this!
Remember this scene? LOL

These kinda pictures give me butterflies.......I have no idea why?
Yes it is.........this movie is so wonderful!
Michayla this is for you!
I want someone  to make me a flower crown!

Who wants to do this? Anyone?????? I'm serious!!!!!!
If I'm ever bored....I will just stare at this for EVER!!!!
I AGREE!!!!!!!
I can do this.......maybe.......if I try hard enough!
Such an adorable smile! (:
Favorite scene!!!!!!
I really want this spoon!!!!!!
I can stare at this ALL day and night!!!!!!!!
That's me and my bestie for know who I'm talking about.
 That's me when I try to wink!!!!!!!t
what did you think when you read this? Exactly.....LOVED
My dream!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh

I did not go and find these pictures......well kinda...but the person to get all the credit is Sophie from
She has an amazing blog with thousands of inspiring pictures!!!!
Thank you so much Sophie for posting these. They really made my day.....I hope they make many more people's day!(: 

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