Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Party at the Day Farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rooster Wrangling!
Jessica caught a Rooster!!!!!!
Bringing in her prize

VERY excited!!!!!

She smiled from ear to ear all the way to the prize man aka Mr Day.
receiving their prizes
Very proud and happy winners!!!!!!
Marissa and her BFF Abigail
Abigail looks like she's thinking......"I know what you're doing"....."taking pictures without me knowing"!
Seth and Savannah

Snack and water break...

Getting the BB guns ready for target shooting!
Excited children!!!!!
This was so cute. The girls were all lined up watching the little kids shoot but......

Then someone said something to someone behind them and they all turned at the same time to look! It was so cute!

Marissa and Abigail again....I love this picture!

Chase aiming at the target......with Papa there to instruct him. (:
Sarah with her Papa helping her....SWEET!!!!!!
Abigail demonstrating how she will be shooting......I think.... :P
Anny Oakley...better known as Gabby
Random picture of the BFFs
Ethan aiming at the target (He won second place)
I love random pictures and this one is one of the BEST!
Heading back to the refreshment tables!
Listening to someone telling a story....who it was I can't remember!
Abigail getting ready to shoot
Waitttttt don't shoot yet!!!!!!! LOL

Serious this time......she is very good at shooting!
Marissa aiming for her later very popular first shot bulls eye!

She actually hit bulls eye twice!

Avangela.......I love how long her hair is!!!!!!!!

Savannah and her new best friend Liddy
Liddy and Savannah
At this time Liddy had asked Savannah "what are you talking about"? and savannah was explaining in detail!
Watching everyone go by......
something went wrong while the picture is a little distorted!

VERY VERY serious Pie judges!

The Pie Judges
Best friends...they played together all day...and night!
Little best friends.....(:
Cute as a button! Lilly Grace.

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Brother and sister......They are SO adorable!
Look at those curls!!!!!!
The boys playing Football
Touch down Dillon!!!!!!
Chase going to war!
Now here is a cute story......Both of these little cuties belong to two different families but they "by coincidence" were dressed alike and had their hair styled the same way that day!  We had a hard time telling them apart the rest of the evening!! They are so cute!  They looked so much alike that when one of their dads came from work he picked up the wrong one and gave her a big kiss..... Then looked closer and said "this is not mine"!
Me.....(right before our castle was attacked!) LOL
Seth...not sure what or who he was talking to at that moment! LOL
Liddy and Vanna
The Food Relay!!!!!!!
Getting lined up......
This picture is so funny......Benjamin is stealing baggies....Chase and Sarah are having a VERY serious conversation and Seth is attacking the players! Ha ha ha
These videos are SO funny! Noah was the star of the game! Ha ha ha

Me on Evangela's Ipad.
Me and Blake
All the older girls
S-mores Girls!

Yours Truly 

Emelie Claire


Abilaine said...

Had an awesome time! Loved the pic were I was demonstrating how I was gonna shoot the gun ... priceless pics of us girls turning around at the same time. :)

Am totally stealing some pictures. :)


The videos were cool, too. The one with Savannah and her friend, Libby, was so cute.

Emelie Claire said...

You are welcome to use ANY pictures you were in most of the pictures anyway! (:

Brittney Ann said...

cute pictures:):):) looks like fun!