Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Ahhhh it's good to be back! I have been pretty busy lately helping get everything settled at our new house (we case you haven't heard the story, here is the link )
So anyway, today I tried out a new style on my hair......which I haven't tried since last Christmas! It's kinda a seasonal thing for me. Hee hee! Anyway I took some pictures and I hope you enjoy! Also  I will be doing a little question event on my blog here and I hope you guys will participate! But that is for my next post.......(:
Do you guys like my new blog design? It took me FOREVER!!!!!! But I finally got it done! 

Yours Truly....


Michayla said...

You just get prettier and prettier every single day. I love yoouuuu!!!

Emelie Claire said...

Same goes for you!!!!!!!! Love you TONSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! <3