Sunday, August 12, 2012


Ok start out with I think I should update you guys on what I have been doing. I don't know why but I always have to say something like that when I start a post! LOL Anyway I have started a doll biz that I am going to be doing in my spare time now!  Finally!  Something to keep me really busy! You're probably wondering by now....why dolls? Well I will explain: I have always enjoyed creating, building, sewing, making anything I can get my hands on! But most recently I have really been enjoying making dolls...well not only recently, but over the years I have made cloth dolls, wire dolls, paper dolls and even leaf dolls!  My Grandma has a beautiful baby doll that she lets the grandkids play with, and everyone loves it.  She bought it several years ago from a company that lets you choose the body type, the wig, the face, the skin tone, the eye color, etc.  So,one day I looked up the company on the web and found that I could actually become a dealer for that company!  I can get the doll kits, and make and sell the dolls! The thought intrigued me so much that I decided that was what I really wanted to do with my spare time! So after talking it over with my Mama and Papa, I decided on going ahead and making it a business/hobby! So you guys out there reading this are one of the first to know about it! I already have gotten one order! You might be thinking.......what's so great about a doll?  Every other person has a doll biz and they are just like every one else.....what's so special about your dolls?  Well my reasons are these.........first off, my dolls are all going to be put together by me and no one else.....( not on a conveyor belt).  Second, you get to choose what your doll looks like...such as what skin color it will have....what eye color, hair, name it! It will be your original! All I do is put it together with all my love and send it to you all cute as a button! (; I just have the most wonderful dream of me sitting beside our fireplace watching the Christmas tree lights sparkle, putting together someone's special doll and thinking.........."I am so blessed I have a dream business!  I enjoy doing it, and I'm making money to put away in savings for my future truck!" (I'm determined on buying my own white 4x4 Ford truck all by myself). With a little help from my family and mostly my doll biz. I'm still trying to decide on a name for my doll business as well!!!  Ha ha!  Imagine that! I would be happy to get as many suggestions as possible.....I am terrible at naming things! :p   I am so excited about this I had to let you guys in on it! Also I added some pictures of some of the finished dolls that other people have created. The names shown are the names of the expressions/faces available. Truthfully there are more faces available, I just picked out my favorites. If you would like to order a doll or ask a question please comment and leave your email address. (; 

And here's a prize you'll want to win!
$20 off the purchase of one doll.

One entry for each of the following:
Leave a comment with your suggestion(s) for my shop/shoppe/boutique/business name.
Leave a comment telling which doll below is your favorite....or a combination of several is fine (and normal!) too!  For instance, Grandma likes the Thoughtful face with a blonde wig and light skin......
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This is the face that is one my grandma's doll


Marissa said...

Emmy's dolls

That is all I can think of at the moment!

Danny in the blonde pig tails is my all time favorite!!!!But I also like thoughtful, flower,and Jordon!!!

pinned you!!!!

Posted about you here'


*Lizzie* said...

Hey, I just comment on your "BFF" post. :)Thought I would just let you know ;)

Emily said...

That's so cool Em! too bad I already have sooooo many dolls from when I was little and my little sister really doesn't play with them. Or else I would prolly buy one!

Emelie Claire said...

Awwww thanks guys! (: