Saturday, July 28, 2012

Point Mallard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had an AWESOME time at Point Mallard Water Park! When the sun went down it was a little chilly but that didn't stop us...conquered all of the water slides...including the toilet bowl which I was scared of! Got in around 11 last night after having Little Caesar's pizza! This was the first time we kids had been at a water park and we LOVED it! 
Our Orthodontist put on an after hours party for all his we got to go FREE!!!!!!!!
This is the first slide we rode on.....I WANT one of these in my backyard!!!!
Next, Allison jumped off the second platform and Hanna went off the first!!!!!!!
The younger ones played in this area most of the time.....they had a BLAST!!!!!
Then we older ones went down this slide called the ProBowl.
It was pretty scary...but VERY fun!!!!!!!
Then the others went down this slide......I was FREEZING at this point because the sun went behind the clouds and a chilly breeze was blowing....So I did not ride on this one. (;
Then we headed to the wave this picture the waves are turned off
This is another picture of my favorite slide and the heated pool!!!!!!!

The crew getting ready to leave...(;

We were having such a good time that we took no pictures.....except for the one above.....the others I found online......But at least you can see why we had such a blast!!!!!!!

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