Monday, May 28, 2012

Some Summer Fun!!!!!!!


I have a Ton more pictures to post.....but I had to give the best first! I love Blake's face in this picture!
My beautiful Aunt Beverly and Hanna on her 10th birthday in April
Adorable Savannah
I thought this turned out pretty cool.......Thanks to the photographer Marissa
Jessica and Savannah

Marissa  enjoying her cake
Me and Marissa shooting our BB guns!
Yes I did catch a Catfish......But I could NOT bring myself to hold it! They can move around too fast!
Hah hahahahahahahhah I love this picture!
Me and Marissa
Me holding Marissa
Some more AWESOMENESS !!!!!
Hanna and Savannah with one of our Aunt Bev's miniature donkeys  "RC"
Me and Ally
Chase and Papa hauling in a big bass!


Marissa said...

When did you have time to post this................. LOL I love these pictures <3 Might have to beat you to the camping post through LOL

Your sis

Emelie Claire said...

Hah ha ha h.... Oh I am just a talented blogger I guess!