Friday, April 20, 2012

Illinois pictures FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

Finally I was able to upload MOST of the pictures! I had to go through and pick out the best.......our computer up-loader was VERY slow. ): Anyway Thank you all for being SO patient! 

Our first picture is of my friend with her horse Dutch! 
This picture is one of my personal FAVORITES!
Jessica and Sarah Having Tea.
Savannah wearing some Heels that she found!
Making Cards for their Dad
Allison with her favorite cat.
Decorating the cake!
Hanging out
Best Friends
Me, Marissa, Melissa, and Heidi.
Jessica swimming with Lindsey
Our first Group shot!
The most dangerous tree in the world to plant at a park!
Sleeping Beauty 
Marissa and Blake enjoying the weather
Me and my best friend Melissa.
Chase working hard!
Helping out at a friends house!
Filling Flats for planting flowers!
Allison and her amazing stack of cups!
Hanna and Sarah
Everyone BUT mama.........(she was taking the picture)
Decorating Dutch's Mane
Taking pictures of our art work!
Trying to put together their 100 piece puzzle!
Helping with supper.
Savannah enjoying her cupcake.
Sarah Allison and Esther
Our Sunday picture......(my favorite picture of us)
Sweet Blake
Feeding Trouper
Best Friends
Me, Heidi, Sarah, Melissa, and Marissa
Drawing at Grandma's house
EVERYONE.......but Mama and Papa!
I forgot to add this one earlier.......Jessica and Meagan
Popping popcorn on Sunday night!
All of us again.
Playing Dolls at Grandma's
Target practice with our new BB Gun!
Jessica, Papa, and Allison
Practicing Flips
Our beautiful Grandma and Blake.
Mama multitasking!
Hanna with her birthday cake. ( Carrot Cake )
Savannah swinging
Allison.......I accomplished this in 4 minutes!
A popcorn picture I forgot to add earlier .

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