Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Hair style!

As you have probably already guessed I am REALLY into hair now! So this is day two of trying new hair styles out! Today I straightened my hair with our Nume Straightening iron, then I pulled all my hair above my ear up...up with a clip then I curled sections of my hair away from my face piece by piece......then I went back to the upper part and simply twirled it around my finger in to a tight little bun then stuck a few bobby pins in, ( 4 ) to be precise. Then curled the ends a little more. Then I just ran some Laminates gel through it and sprayed it with a styling spray! And that's all I did.




Abilaine said...

I love it! Did you do it yourself?

GlamourGirl15 said...

Yes I did! I found a young girl on You-Tube who does her hair all by her self and shows you how to do it! I really love the styles she does. I half followed one of her styles and half made it up! LOL Anyway you would love her! Here is the link to her Channel! Enjoy!

Abilaine said...

Thanks so much for the link! I will check her out.