Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday Hair Salon!!

Sunday (yesterday)
We watched the SuperBowl with some of the people from our church! Well when we got tired of watching the game, the younger girls and I decided to do each other's hair! It turned out to be so much fun!!!!! We plan on doing it again very soon!!!!

Me and Lily

Sweet adorable Sarah!
Mkb and Lily....(Thats short for Marissa Kathryn Ballenger)
Sarah and Marissa
BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!! Hanna and Marybeth
Lily before....
Lily after....
I did this just as an turned out sooooo cute!!!!!
Me fixing Lily's hair
Abigail and Marissa doing Marybeth's hair
Jessica's hair
I did this one!
Abigail styling Hanna's hair
Turned out really cute!
Half done!!!!
Curling her hair!
The Salon workers!
Hanna did this....with no hair pins...or clips!!!!!
Hanna doing Sara's hair
The whole crew!!!!
Marybeth's hairstyle was the hit!!!!
Turned out really cute!
Man does she have beautiful hair!!!!

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Abigail Elaine Day said...

Thank you sooooooo much for posting these! had a great time.