Monday, January 30, 2012

Allison's 9'th Birthday!!!!!!

Allison made a new kind of cake this year...Chocolate Cake then Chocolate Ice Cream then another layer of Chocolate Cake! It was a little too much for me....but others did not have much trouble eating their OVERSIZED PIECES!!!

Lighting the candles!!!!!!
The Ice Cream started to melt by this time! Everyone was panicking......Hurry Hurry I want Ice Cream on my piece, not melted Cream!
A birthday tradition.....everyone gets a candle to lick clean! LOL
The Cake!!!!
Blake really missed out! LOL
The first present!
What will it be????

All her loving sisters were there to help her! Ha ha
OH MY!!!!!!
A new pair of Sweat Pants and a Shirt!

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